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E-Core Dax


"ON" designs and develops in-house e-mobility projects. From B2B last-mile solutions to personal electric light vehicles.


"ON" is an initiative from Belgian automotive designer Ben Surain and powered by E-mobility consultant Guy Salens (THE PACK) to speed up the use for Light Electric Vehicles. "ON" creates, develops and sells their own LEV brands for last-mile solutions and personal e-mobility.

"ON" is also specialized in electric custom builds and has opened a new multi-brand store and workshop in Blankenberge at the Belgian coast. The focus will be on light electric motorbikes and mopeds with a unique design (which can be also be customized to the customers needs).

Order your tailor-made custom-made E-Core Dax

E-Core Dax

Designer and engineer Ben Surain is an avid admirer of Soichiro Honda and longed to create a sustainable substitute engine for Honda Dax, Cub, and Monkey models. With E-Core, Honda bikes can be given a new lease on life. The retro style from the sixties & seventies will remain unaltered, as well as the strength and quality of the metal—only the combustion engine needs to be replaced with this plug-and-play device.

Let's race with electric pitbikes

E-Core & APEX pitbikes

THE PACK "Electric Motorcycle News" recently visited our workshop near the Belgian coast in Blankenberge and was very surprised to discover a fully functioning E-Core installed on a APEX pitbike.

Ben Surain: "I was contacted by APEX in Germany asking if it was possible to put the E-Core in a pitbike. Daniel Hundseder from APEX Pitbikes suggested that this could give pitbike riders the ability to train indoors during the winter months."

Brand ambassador BREKR.

ON is brand ambassador for the electric moped BREKR.

ON is brand ambassador for the electric moped BREKR, developed in The Netherlands. Since November 2022, ON presents Model B from BREKR at the workshop in Blankenberge. Test rides are possible and if you are interested, you'll get a voucher and extra gift to order your personal BREKR at the official BREKR website. ON will be your service point for the future at the Belgian Coast. More info or a test ride? Contact Ben Surain | ben@surain.eu

Price from € 4,949.00

Book a test ride with our BoB K1S


BoB K1S is a fat tire electric scooter with a minimalistic design and is a perfect solution for your personal e-mobility needs. Test riding and visibility is still important, not to mention the after-service. That seems to be forgotten sometimes when people buying online. At ON you can test the BoB K1S in real life.

BoB K1S is homologated for the European roads and can be transformed for many purposes: work-home traffic, individual use & fun, last mile solution, food delivery, use for hotel guests and even on the golf court ...

Price: € 3,450.00

E-cargo step C-Board is ready.

E-cargo step "C-Board" is in pre-order now.

The new way of sustainable e-mobility inspired us to design our own new sustainable e-cargo vehicle: C-Board is a large, foldable and modular scooter for many uses. This electric vehicle is a perfect solution for last-mile delivery in the city. Its 2 (standard) foldable boxes can contain a lot of parcels or shopping bags. 

Our electric C-Board can be pre-ordered. Total price is 1720,- EUR incl. VAT (shipping costs not included). If you are interested, please drop us an email at ben@surain.eu

Replace your ICE into an electric one.

"E-core" is our solution to change ICE (Internal Combustion Engines) into electric ones.

E-core is an easy-to-handle plug-in replacement for every thermic 'Base 50' combustion engine to transform it into an electric one. "ON" is focusing with this solution to the global market to transform traditional Internal Combustion Motors into electrical. 

Electric custom design

"Nuit" is ON's vision of a cafe racer based on a TC Max Super Soco.

We still have to convince people to ride electric but some have understood and go even a step further. For a private customer, "ON" created this special customised E-project. Based on a TC Max Super Soco, Ben Surain created and rebuild the TC completely into a minimalistic café racer called "Nuit" ('Night' in English). 

Ben Surain from "ON" created "Project Atlas" in cooperation with city Béthune in France.

Project Atlas is a modular electric moped developed by automotive designer Ben Surain in cooperation with the French city Béthune. When Benjamin met the Mayor of Béthune, Olivier Gacquerre, they both discovered some common points for the new Smart City project of the town.

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