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Nuit is our vision of a cafe racer based on a TC Max Super Soco


We still have to convince people to ride electric but some have understood and go even a step further. For a private customer, "ON" created this special customised E-project. Based on a TC Max Super Soco, Ben Surain created and rebuild the TC completely into a minimalistic café racer called "Nuit" ('Night' in English).

In our workshop in Blankenberge (next to Ben's wife Nath's new alternative fashion shop AmsterMadam), the first ideas were born.

We explore always unusual and innovative creating technologies in our projects. Also today with "Nuit", we refuse to work with plastic parts. In stead of using plastics, Ben has chosen for alternative eco-friendly materials in combination with 3D printing technology. He "literally" tore up the TC and redesigned the whole frame based on the cafe racer philosophy: the straight line. This motorbike is 15 cm longer than the original TC Max Super Soco and almost everything has been redesigned, especially the frame geometry.

If you are interested in a collab or a customised electric motorbike project with an "ON"-touch, please let us know!

Ben Surain

Nuit has become a lightweight electric motorbike, with a Surain "ON" retro-touch. Ben is fascinated by the old Belgian motorcycle brands and loves the combination of a retro look with modern technology. He has thought very carefully about the new placement of the battery, not forgetting both the looks and the practical side about air-cooling and weight. During the test ride of the Nuit, we experienced a very balanced motorcycle and with its 85 kg weight, it is manageable for everyone.

The riding position is a sportive one, even Spartan in use (your body feels every aspect of the road since you become one with the machine) but hey, that's part of the philosophy of the bike. And very surprisingly, the Nuit is completely silent on the road. Ben has reused the original belt drive to avoid "mechanical rattling" sounds. But you'll get noticed, I can tell (Guy).

Technical specifications:

  • Battery: original TC Max cells and enclosure with upgraded tailor-made BMS and firmware
  • Controller: BAC ASI specially tuned by Ben and Accelerated System
  • Frame, seat, tank, fairings, paint: tailor-made by Ben
  • Power: + 30 % torque than the original bike (2 maps: street & race)
  • Top speed: 110 km/h
  • Fully adjustable suspensions
  • Fully adjustable firmware for the riding experience

Tailor-made E-project?

If you are interested in a collab or a customised electric motorbike project with an "ON- Surain"-touch, please let us know at ben@surain.eu