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E-Core becomes a sustainable solution for APEX pitbikes


E-Core is a plug-and-play replacement tool that can convert every petrol-powered 'Base 50' combustion engine into an electric one. To meet the global demand for electric vehicles, "ON" has developed E-Core to convert traditional Internal Combustion Engines into electric ones. Numerous cities on our planet are considering banning fuel-combustion engines altogether, so replacing their small combustion engines with an E-Core powertrain would be far more environmentally friendly than discarding millions of mopeds and fabricating new ones.

Do you recall THE PACK's article last year about E-Core? It created quite a stir; a quick Google search of "e-core Ben Surain" will bring up a list of motor media websites that have covered our Belgian sustainable technology.

Despite the positive reactions, there were still skeptics who were dubious: the project would only succeed if it could be manufactured and distributed on a large scale. Some claimed that the project featured at publishing were "just" renders, and that it would be years before E-Core became functional. Furthermore, different homologation rules in different countries could potentially impede sales.

THE PACK recently visited the workshop of ON #pushthebuttontoday located near the Belgian coast in Blankenberge and discovered our fully functioning E-Core installed on a pitbike. 

Ben Surain: "I was contacted by APEX in Germany asking if it was possible to put the E-Core in a pitbike. Daniel Hundseder from APEX Pitbikes suggested that this could give pitbike riders the ability to train indoors during the winter months."

Guy Salens, "E-mobility consultant at ON: this new application and use for the E-Core was also a surprise for me. I was not so familiar with pitbike competition." He added that track testing of the bike, which has an updated E-Core with more power (6 KW – 15 KW Burst – 20 hp) than the street-legal version (3 KW – 8 KW Burst (11 hp)), will be conducted in Germany.

Ben Surain: I prefer to produce E-Core in an environmentally friendly way, and I am looking into other ways to use the E-Core to replace traditional motors. With professional 3D printing techniques, E-Core can be tailor-manufactured "on-demand". I prefer a sustainable work-flow to manufacture our E-Core. We are at the beginning of a new era and I want to produce as much as possible in an ecological way with sustainable materials and methods. This unexpected turn with APEX has made us think about other applications and we are convinced that E-Core can be used as a sustainable replacement tool in various ways for traditional motors and applications.

UPDATE! Ben: "Within a few weeks, I will have an E-Core road-legal version installed in a Cub frame by Mono Motorcycles and also a Dax 'Trail' fully customised at our workshop." Soon more news!

Also interested in E-Core or a new development? Let's talk: ben@surain.eu