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ON is brand ambassador from the electric moped BREKR


ON is brand ambassador from the electric moped BREKR, developed in The Netherlands. Since November 2022, ON presents Model B from BREKR at the workshop in Blankenberge. Test rides are possible and if you are interested, you'll get a voucher and extra gift to order your personal BREKR at the official BREKR website. ON will be your service point for the future at the Belgian Coast. More info or a test ride? Contact Ben Surain | ben@surain.eu

BREKR at ON in Blankenberge
BREKR at ON in Blankenberge


The name BREKR comes from the word "brekken" which means something like "acting very crazy" ... logical of course in a region like the Achterhoek ... and where mopeds "kiek'n" was an activity of the youth and now again could be.

BREKR: "Why we made the Brekr Model B? Simple, because a logical electric bike didn't exist. That's what drives us. An electric bike that seamlessly merges past and future into an awesome, individualistic yet logical design. Recognizable yet new. Clever whilst rugged. Take a ride on a Brekr: we're sure it will make you smile. We have more ambition for the future and if you ask us, it doesn't stop with this model."

The Brekr Model B is equipped with a removable 18650 battery pack of 2.0 kWh which you can have a 50-80 km range. This battery is placed low in the frame. At an additional cost, the BREKR model B can be equipped with a second one, which increases the range to a maximum range of 160 kilometers. The charging time of a single battery is five hours. If you don't take the second battery, you have some extra storage space under the saddle. The easily removable battery weighs 10 kilos, so you can easily charge it at home or at the office.

BREKR at ON in Blankenberge
BREKR at ON in Blankenberge

The LED headlight has a modern design and gives a good light output. The rear brake light is concealed in the back of the saddle. Direction can be indicated by subtle LED flashing lights. The BREKR is stopped by a single brake disc in the front wheel and one in the rear wheel.

With a hub motor in the rear wheel, the BREKR is almost maintenance-free except for the normal wear of the riding parts. Mopeds are especially popular with people who like to customise their vehicles. That is also possible with this BREKR. You can configure your own BREKR: different saddle, colour frame tubes, tire profile, ...

The BREKR model B is a remarkable appearance, its not an ordinary moped as we know. The tank is missing but hey, who needs one? The saddle and the frame tubes give your legs support as you know from a normal moped. This gives you a good grip on the BREKR and you can largely steer it with your weight.

BREKR at ON in Blankenberge
BREKR at ON in Blankenberge

The BREKR model B has a top speed of up to 45 km/h, so you must wear a helmet. There is also a 25 km/h moped version. Between the 2 frame tubes is room to take some stuff, these can be fixed with a supplied elastic. The steering wheel fits comfortably in the hand with sturdy grips. The digital dashboard is informative and easy to read.

Of course, the BREKR is also "connected" via an app where you can read and set everything with your fingertips. For example, you can see the live location of the BREKR, useful if someone else takes your moped without consultation.

When you switch on the ignition, the dashboard comes to life. A squeeze of the right brake lever activates a signal on the dashboard indicating that you can drive. And driving is nothing more than "accelerating" and using the brakes. You can choose from 4 modes via a button on the right handlebar. The BREKR is very stable on the road and very easy to drive due to its low center of gravity. In all modes, the top speed of 45 km/h (50 km/h on the clock) is achievable. In position 1, the BREKR provides roughly half the power compared to position 4, which increases the range. It takes a little longer to reach top speed and sometimes you need some tailwind, an option for long straights.

BREKR at ON in Blankenberge
BREKR at ON in Blankenberge

In the city, the more powerful setting 4 comes handy, if you need a quick action if necessary. The immediately present electric torque is a pleasant partner on this "moped". The disc brakes are operated via the brake levers on the handlebars and are excellently adjustable.

A frequently mentioned topic is the absence of noise from an electric vehicle, in this case a moped. That is why the BREKR is equipped with a horn, but even more fun is the sound generator that you can switch on and off at any time. This sound generator makes the sound of a - how could it be otherwise - ... moped. It must be said, it works very well when approaching cyclists or pedestrians. Of course you also have a moped horn, but that is not nearly as nice.

'ON' can customise your BREKR. More info? ben@surain.eu


The removable battery is located under the lockable saddle, neatly concealed in a beautifully designed slide. In addition to the single battery, there is room for a second battery. If you don't use that second battery, you can store some stuff in that spot. For example, the external charger to charge the battery. Charging the battery is done via a plug-in system. You must first manually loosen the main cable on the battery with a nut. You then plug in the same cable from the external charger, which you secure with a similar nut. In the beginning, this requires some skill to make a good contact, then the plug can be plugged into the socket. Charging takes from empty to full about 5 hours for 1 battery. In practice, however, you rarely run out of battery (almost). If you do have to cover the maximum distances with the BREKR, you really need that charging time.

The BREKR Model B is a beautifully built and very easy-to-ride moped that is equipped with subtle design elements. All this packed in a modern basic look. The operation of the buttons on the steering wheel is self-evident. To fully experience the moped feeling, you can switch the sound generator on and off whenever you want. Great fun and clearly audible for other road users. The range with one battery is more than sufficient for functional distances in the city. For longer distances you can consider a second battery. Charging a little faster would be welcome ... The Brekr Model B lets you relive moped driving, but in 2023-style.

The BREKR Model B has a base price of 4,949 euro and a lot of optional accessories.

Text: thx to BMS E-Motorrijder & THE PACK



  • Wheelbase: 1250 mm
  • Sitting height: 790 mm
  • Length: 1900 mm
  • Width: 750 mm
  • Height: 1050 mm
  • Minimum ground clearance: 146 mm
  • Weight (exclusive battery): 69 kg
  • Weight (inclusive battery): 79 kg


  • Front tyre: 100/90 r17 (100mm wide/ 90mm high 17 inch)
  • Rear tyre: 100/90 r17 (100mm wide/ 90mm high 17 inch)


  • Front suspension: Upside down
  • Rear shock: Fully adjustable coil spring
  • Suspension travel front tyre: 100 mm
  • Suspension travel rear tyre: 60 mm


  • Front brake: Hydraulic disc 220 mm
  • Rear brake: Hydraulic disc 180 mm


  • Battery cells: 18650 premium battery
  • Voltage: 50,4 V
  • Capacity: 40,2 Ah
  • Energy: 2026 Wh
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 380x265x75 mm
  • Electrical safety 3-layers: BMS (2x) + fuse
  • Temperature control: 11 sensors
  • Vibrations and shock resistance: IEC 32133
  • Weight: 10,8 kg
  • Waterproof: Waterproof design
  • Battery housing: Fire retardant plastic, aluminum plating
  • Charging time: 5 hour
  • Range: 45-70 km


  • Electric motor: Optimized for Brekr
  • Rated power: 2500W
  • Peak power: 4000W
  • Max. torque: 140Nm
  • Max. speed: 25 or 45 km/h


  • Warranty frame: 84 months (7 year)
  • Warranty battery: 24 months
  • Sound: AVAS (Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System)
  • Connectivity: Standard with connectivity app. Vehicle location
  • Luggage: Lashing strap front and optional double luggage rack at the back
  • Standard charger: 8A