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The first street-legal E-Core Dax


Designer and engineer Ben Surain is an avid admirer of Soichiro Honda and longed to create a sustainable substitute engine for Honda Dax, Cub, and Monkey models. With E-Core, Honda bikes can be given a new lease on life. The retro style from the sixties & seventies will remain unaltered, as well as the strength and quality of the metal—only the combustion engine needs to be replaced with this plug-and-play device.

E-Core is an innovative combination of power, reliability, and design. It took Ben almost a year to perfect the product from its prototype stage to a commercialized version. His challenge was to find the right materials and technologies like 3D printing and laser cutting to produce E-Core in an environmentally friendly way.

Ben Surain: "I prefer to produce E-Core in an environmentally friendly way, and I am looking into other ways to use the E-Core to replace traditional motors. By utilizing 3D printing techniques, E-Core can now be manufactured on demand as needed." To ensure sustainability, Ben works hard to make sure a green work flow is maintained while creating E-Core with only eco-friendly materials and methods. We are entering a new era, so he strives to create this technology in the most sustainable way possible.

You can order your own E-Core Dax now or the separate E-Core engine to DIY. Let's talk: ben@surain.eu

Test ride

Guy Salens - THE PACK: "I was delighted to be among the first to test drive the E-Core Dax. It felt as an historic moment in mobility. The speed and power were cut by half it's full capacity, making it street legal at 45 km/h. Ben had built a customised Honda Dax from scratch for one customer complete with a new swingarm, suspension and 12 inch aluminium wheels.

I never experienced a Honda Dax before (unable to compare), but I could certainly feel the power of the E-Core engine. Acceleration was surprisingly swift for such a light electric vehicle. We left the workshop in Blankenberge and ventured off on small winding roads leading to Lissewege; a quaint little town. Despite my tall stature (1m82) and weight (80 kg), this tiny motorbike roared like a friendly rocket. It stayed in its lane during each curve and I never had to make corrections. Even if the speed was restricted to 45 km/h, it felt quite nice, and thankfully, there was no disruptive noise from the chain. Ben mentioned that he could always add a belt instead if requested by the customer. By the way, Ben whispered he did 85 km/h on a private track."


Ben intends to sell custom-made E-Core Honda bikes tailored exactly for each customer. Every one will be handmade in his workshop, and the buyer can decide on which frame color and style (Dax, Monkey, Cub, etc.) they want. The base price of a standard edition starts at €5,000* (VAT included), but the article's E-Core Dax costs €5,800* (VAT included) because of its special parts (swingarm, suspension, wheels). The purchaser can also choose the exact colors they want their E-Core to be.

The E-Core can also be bought separately at a retail price from €3,499* (VAT included). You'll receive a complete E-Core with 1 battery and 1 charger. You can keep your ICE motor and even replace it later when you want to sell your bike. The attachment points are the same, so you don't have to drill in your frame.

* Shipping costs not included.


  • IPM Motor
  • 50/50 = (50 km range @ 50 km/h)
  • 48V 24 AH Battery (HG Samsung cells)
  • Max torque: 215 Nm (with 1:4 transmission)
  • Max RPM: 4400 rpm
  • Waterproof grade: IP67
  • Motor shaft: 20 mm 428 sprocket
  • Sin Wave Controller
  • Total Weight: 17 Kg
  • Removable battery
  • Full bright color display

You can order your own E-Core Dax now or the separate E-Core engine to DIY. Let's talk: ben@surain.eu

Ben Surain: "I wish to start out small and see how many orders come in before deciding whether or not to scale up the company and production. If ON can prove that there's enough demand for our product, it'll be easier to attract investors."

Reload - Berlin

Ben Surain will be attending Reload in Berlin with some of his custom builds: the black cafe racer "Nuit", the new E-Core Dax and a surprise! Reload Land is the platform for the movers and shakers of the fast-growing electric motorcycle industry and anybody who is interested in exciting electric rides. The perfect opportunity to network and showcase new electric concepts and production rides in one of the world's most cutting-edge metropoles. Come together for a weekend of testrides, b2b and b2c networking and enjoying the journey into the future of two-wheeled mobility today: 3-4 June 2023 at Craftwerk Berlin.