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Ben Surain from "ON" created "Project Atlas" in cooperation with French city Béthune


Project Atlas is a modular electric moped developed by automotive designer Ben Surain in cooperation with the French city Béthune. When Benjamin met the Mayor of Béthune, Olivier Gacquerre, they both discovered some common points for the new Smart City project of the town. Also with Dimitri Berteloot, who was responsible for the Smart City project 2020, they discussed the possibilities of sustainable development and smart mobility for the residents of the city. In the next step both parties signed an agreement to create and develop the Atlas Project.

Benjamin: "Atlas is an electric "moped", speeding up to 45 km/hour and with a range of 100 km. A lot of new technologies are used (for example 3D printing) and we have chosen some local companies for the technical development (such as the entire frame and assembly). It's the locals support locals principe and the city of Bethune was so kind to provide a working space to develop this project.

Ben: "I really wanted to come as close as possible to the specifications of the original Mobylette: a light machine, compact, robust, easily repairable and affordable for everyone. Thanks to the simplicity of the machine and the 3D printing, I imagine multiple possibilities of customisation."

"Atlas is also an atypical process. An eco responsible vehicle is not only responsible for the environment but also for the society in which it evolves. I wanted to provide the planet a respite but also oxygenate people's minds. The so-called «Custom culture» is the road to follow, as an evidence."