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E-core presents a new alternative for e-mobility in the existing worldwide lightweight motorbike market


E-core is an easy-to-handle plug-in replacement for every thermic 'Base 50' combustion engine to transform it into an electric one. "ON" is focusing with this solution to the global market to transform traditional Internal Combustion Engines into electrical.

A large range of bikes use this motor, it can be found all around the world on bikes like Honda Dax, Cub, Chally, Monkey (and their many copy cats), but also pit bikes, dirt bikes, ...

You just need to remove the 'Base 50' combustion engine and the components that aren't necessary, put the E-core in place, just wire the throttle and display, adjust the chain and... GO!

Ben Surain: "The E-Core project is a paradigm shift in the usual design of my 2 electric wheels. I always drew and prototyped from scratch, creating an entirely new model. This required a lot of drawing, CAD and manufacturing time as well. As parts were not standardised, this generated high costs, many hours of drawing, manufacturing, assembling, testing, corrections but lot of satisfaction when some problems were solved ..."

"Admittedly, this allowed me to present unique models of their kind and master all the process, as I did through the Surain Electrocycles project since 10 years. To be viable, this type of unique concept must be sold at very high price or being produced on a large scale to decrease the cost and requires a heavy structure in organization, industrialization, communication and of course large financing needs."

Ben Surain: "The prototype is working and several tests are done as we speak. The E-Core will be an economic alternative for an LEV. Now, we are looking for investors who believe in this project and who can give us a little push with the production and the distribution of the product."

The electric transition is now: many cities and countries are taking measurements to forbid combustion engines in their regions. Fuel prices remain expensive. Europe launched its Green Deal ... US President Biden signed an Executive Order that sets an ambitious new target to make half of all new vehicles sold in 2030 zero-emissions vehicles, including battery electric, plug-in hybrid electric, or fuel cell electric vehicles.

Guy Salens: "With E-core, "ON" presents a new alternative for e-mobility in the existing worldwide lightweight motorbike market. A large part of this target group currently does not have the financial means to purchase an electric motorcycle. There will be an increasing demand for Light Electric Vehicles everywhere. But E-core can be an affordable solution for a more sustainable world. "


  • Removable 1800 W Battery (High grade Li-ion)
  • 3 KW PMSM Motor (8 Kw peak )
  • 3D printed and laser cut parts
  • BT connection