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C-Board is a new electric cargo vehicle


In Europe we are already familiar with cargo e-bikes for many purposes. Whether it is to take the children to and from school, to do your shopping or to use this vehicles for a last-mile delivery by couriers ... a lot of families in an urban environment are already using these kind of light electric vehicles. Today, with the expensive energy prices and extreme fuel costs, theses e-bikes are getting very popular and in most cases they even are replacing the family car.

This new way of sustainable e-mobility inspired "ON" to design their own light electric vehicle: the C-Board is a large, foldable and modular scooter for many uses. However, this is not an ordinary kickstep: due to the larger floor panel, you can position your feet next to each other which gives a much greater and safer stability than with normal kicksteps. Another safety feature is that you have to start the vehicle using your own power (yes, you have to kick off with one foot). This way you avoid a sudden acceleration and you can keep control. By operating the speed button with your thumb, you quickly get on your way.

C-Board = a new sustainable e-mobility solution for last-mile solutions and city shopping

Ben Surain

Last-mile solutions for couriers

This modular "XXL-kickstep" is a perfect solution for last-mile delivery in the city. Its 2 (standard) foldable boxes can contain a lot of parcels. The boxes can be customised for different uses, even heated for food delivery. Of course the boxes can be delivered in your company's corporate identity.

Industrial plants solutions

Bicycles and e-bikes are already being used in large warehouses or industrial grounds. C-Board can be a good and practical addition because of its larger load capacity than the bicycle. The boxes can be customised according to the application and the business activity.

Investors are still welcome! Talk to us ...

B&B and Guesthouses

Also in the touristic sector, this light electric vehicle can be made available as an extra service to B&B customers to do their shopping in the city. Or explore the city with a picknick basket ...

For families

C-Board is a sustainable means of transport and offers a good alternative for a car in the city. It can be equipped with one or 2 fold-out and stackable boxes with a cover. At the moment Benjamin is searching for a retro box solution, such as an old wooden brewer box, a wicker basket or a leather suitcase. In this way the scooter can be equipped according to everyone's needs and style.

Technical specifications:

  • Range: 45 km
  • Maximum speed: 25 km/h
  • Frame: steel hand welded
  • Motor: MR N9-2 500 watt MR brushless motor - high torque
  • Controller: MR T2P bt programable - smartphone connection - integrated GPS - Minirobot app
  • Battery: MR B2 48 volt 14.4 Ah
  • Charging time: 5.5 hours
  • Suspension
  • Front: MR M0 V4 spring shock
  • Rear: MR 1 spring shock
  • Brake: X-tech hydraulic brake - stainless steel brake disc
  • Charger: EC-01 48 volt 2 A
  • Full color display with state of charge and 3 riding mode - powerfull headlight - stop light
  • Large wood deck with strong grip
  • Can carry 150 kg minus rider's weight
  • Cargo box* configurable to suit your needs
  • Foldable direction column
  • Tires: 10 inch reinforced tires

* Cargo box not included.

Pre-order C-Board

Our electric C-Board can be pre-ordered. Our total price is 1720,- EUR incl. VAT (shipping costs not included). If you are interested, please, drop us an email at ben@surain.eu